Hall of fame

The D.I.C.K. hall of fame

Many try.

Few succeed.

Dreams, like conkers, shatter in a heartbeat. But for the special few that triumph, the fame and glory can last all afternoon.

The Dastardly D.I.C.K. award, the J. Rallings Cup, and the Short D.I.C.K. prize.

D.I.C.K. roll of honour

Outright D.I.C.K. glory and our prestigious trophy, only goes to the most supremely talented, or more likely, plain lucky players. 

The Short D.I.C.K. trophy goes to the first person to be knocked out of the tournament each year.

Those players unwilling to abide by the rules risk taking home the Dastardly D.I.C.K. Award.

Our original trophy, the Ray Kelly cup was awarded permanently to Glen Whitehead in 2019 in recognition of his four outright wins. Following his third triumph in 2021, Pete Campion-Spall was permanently awarded the Jonathan Rallings cup, which has now been replaced by the Matteo Robinson Memorial Cup.

YearWinnerRunner-upThird-placeShort D.I.C.K. prizeDastardly D.I.C.K. prize
2023Kon BishopBrooke LumicisiFred HoyBecky HarrisSarah Gardner
2022Robert BaranowskiAndy MillsOwen LewisJonathan RallingsSarah Gardner
2021Pete Campion-SpallOwen LewisOllie HoyKon BishopFuad Mosis
2020 (trad. format)Amy HoyJonathan RallingsSteve HoySteve HoyJonathan Rallings
2020 (bullet format)Alex DunlopStefan ButlerChris Jackson--
2019Brooke LumicisiMatt CotteeMark SinclairSimon de GlanvilleJames Macrae
2018Glen WhiteheadSteve HoyJames MacraeMarta MillsMark Sinclair
2017Vicki JacksonAlex DunlopJoy GreenPete Campion-SpallAndrew Mills
2016Vicki JacksonSophie JohnsonChris JacksonGlen WhiteheadJonathan Rallings
2015Glen WhiteheadAndrew MillsChris JacksonSophie JohnsonSteve Hoy
2014Glen WhiteheadBrooke LumicisiAmy HoyVicki JacksonRay Kelly
2013Oliver CourtneyTerrence CarnellDamien DaceySandra Ashton-
2012Pete Campion-SpallRay KellyStephanie HoughKylie Clarke-
2011Glen WhiteheadHayley DunlopAndrew Mills--
2010James EasenChris JacksonPete Campion-Spall--
2009Ray KellyJonathan RallingsJames Easen--
2008Steve HoyBrooke LumicisiGlen Whitehead--
2007Chris JacksonPete Campion-SpallMatt Williams--
2006Veema ShahChris BalmerTim Flint--
2005Pete Campion-SpallPhil CrannN/A (match abandoned)--

D.I.C.K. all-time rankings

Do you like these conkers? The numbers don’t lie and if they did they still wouldn’t win the dastardly D.I.C.K. award.

The R. Kelly Cup

(Winner = 10 points; Runner-up = 8 points; 3rd = 6 points; 4th = 4 points; Quarter-final = 3 points; Last 16 = 2 points, Last 32 = 1 point)

RankNameNationalityPlayedScoreBest finishAverage pointsAverage finish
1Lumicisi, BrookeAustralia1767Winner (x1)3.94th
2Whitehead, GlenSussex1162Winner (x4)5.63rd
3Hoy, AmyEngland2059Winner (x1)3QF
4Hoy, SteveSussex2059Winner (x1)3QF
5Jackson, ChrisEngland1358Winner (x1)4.54th
6Mills, AndyEngland1556Runner-up (x2)3.74th
7Rallings, JonathanEngland2053Runner-up (x2)2.7QF
8Campion-Spall, PeteEngland850Winner (x3)6.33rd
9Jackson, VickiEngland1039Winner (x2)3.94th
10Kelly, RayNorthern Ireland833Winner (x1)4.14th
11Dunlop, AlexEngland728Winner (x1)44th
12Lewis, OwenWales624Runner-up (x1)44th
13Mills, MartaPoland1023QF (x6)2.3Last 16
14Campion-Spall, KatEngland8214th (x3)2.6QF
15Easen, JamesEngland419Winner (x1)4.8SF
16Crann, PhilEngland619Runner-up (x1)3.2QF
17Johnson, SophieEngland617Runner-up (x1)2.8QF
18Baranowski, RobEngland315Winner (x1)5SF
19Pepler, JamesEngland7154th (x1)2.1Last 16
20Johnson, DanEngland815QF (x2)1.9Last 16
21Macrae, JamesGuernsey4143rd (x1)3.54th
22Bishop, KonEngland313Winner (x1)4.34th
23Dunlop, HayleyEngland313Runner-up (x1)4.34th
24Harris, HollyEngland713QF (x1)1.9Last 16
25Hoy, FredDulwich4113rd (x1)2.8QF
26Sinclair, MarkEngland4113rd (x1)2.8QF
27Courtney, OliverEngland110Winner (x1)10Winner
28Shah, VeemaEngland110Winner (x1)10Winner
29Balmer, ChrisEngland210Runner-up (x1)5SF
30Hoy, OllieDulwich4103rd (x1)2.5QF
31Reece, JimEngland410SF (x1)2.5QF
32Dacey, DamienEngland293rd (x1)4.5SF
33Green, JoyKenya293rd (x1)4.5SF
34Clarke, JamesSussex394th (x1)3QF
35Mills, AlexEngland39QF (x3)3QF
36Howden, JakeEngland49QF (x2)2.3Last 16
37Butler, SuzanneEngland69Last 16 (x3)1.5Last 16
38Butler, StefanEngland18Runner-up (x1)8Runner-up
39Carnell, TerrenceAustralia18Runner-up (x1)8Runner-up
40Cottee, MatttEngland18Runner-up (x1)8Runner-up
41Beamond-Pepler, EleanorEngland284th (x2)44th
42Hough, StephanieAustralia283rd (x1)44th
43Gardner, SarahEngland38QF (x2)2.7QF
44Bartlett, TimEngland37QF (x1)2.3Last 16
45de Glanville, SimonEngland37QF (x1)2.3Last 16
46Kohon, SebastianVarious47QF (x1)1.8Last 16
47Yip, YanAustralia47Last 16 (x3)1.8Last 16
48Flint, TimEngland163rd (x1)63rd
49Williams, MattWales163rd (x1)63rd
50Baranowski-Bishop, TobyEngland36QF (x1)2Last 16
51Harris, BeckySussex25QF (x1)2.5QF
52O'Neil, TommyEngland25QF (x1)2.5QF
53Reece, HayleyEngland25QF (x1)2.5QF
54Daniel, AndrewWales35Last 16 (x2)1.7Last 16
55Mosis, FuadEngland35Last 16 (x2)1.7Last 16
56Heyworth, RickEngland144th (x1)44th
57Rowlands, BettinaGermany144th (x1)44th
58Ryan, PaulEngland144th (x1)44th
59Andrew, GrahamEngland13QF (x1)3QF
60Arscott, JohnEngland13QF (x1)3QF
61Hamilton, LauraEngland13QF (x1)3QF
62Lockyer, EloiseEngland13QF (x1)3QF
63McKenzie, KatieAustralia13QF (x1)3QF
64Wilkinson, VanessaEngland13QF (x1)3QF
65Jordan, EllaEngland23Last 16 (x1)1.5Last 16
66Kohon, ChiaraItaly23Last 16 (x1)1.5Last 16
67Boyce, TerrySussex12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
68Dacey, LucyEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
69de Glanville, SolEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
70Evans, ZacEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
71Fielder, JezSussex12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
72Gardner, MargaretEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
73Gavigan, StanleyEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
74Harper, CaroEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
75Hurrell, AdyEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
76Jazwinska, AdaPoland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
77Kohon, MatteoEngland/Italy12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
78Martin, DamianSussex12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
79Moore, DuncanEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
80Morgan, CatherineWales12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
81Nuts, MaxEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
82Robertson, MarkEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
83Rowlands, DanielScotland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
84Sheilds, GillianCanada12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
85Shields, AaronCanada12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
86Whitehead, Ella-KateEngland12Last 16 (x1)2Last 16
87Ashton, JacobEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
88Ashton, JamesEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
89Ashton, SandyEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
90Brockie, AndyEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
91Campion-Spall, AstridEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
92Clark, KylieAustralia11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
93Crann, AngelaEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
94Doyle, AlanEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
95Gomez, DaliColombia11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
96Gundry, RussellEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
97Kelly, TalyaEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
98Little, DaveEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
99Mills, LilaEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
100Robertson, HavanaEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
101Ultsch, JohnUSA11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32
102Walters, JamesEngland11Last 32 (x1)1Last 32